Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Features

The S6 Edge is looking absolutely amazing!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is coming to users with a hefty price tag. Anything that you spend a lot of money on, you obviously want to be top-notch in every possible way. In regards to technology, that generally entails being fast, visually-appealing, convenient and great for multi-tasking. It’s rated as “excellent” but it is being sold for $780. Wow! Luckily, you do have the option to make smaller payments through your carrier – phew!

What’s so great about it?


For one, its glass design and metal offer a new level of superiority to users. The viewing angles are even wider than ever before, offering plenty of room to view beautiful imaging. Everyone wants to be able to see photos and videos with perfect clarity, and now you can.

Battery Life

You have more power with it – well, battery power. There is a battery saving mode and fast charging power that enables it to charge even quicker than other devices. It offers up to 26 hours of talk time – perfect for those who like to chit chat with friends into all hours of the night, and great for those who sometimes forget to throw their phone on the charger after a long day of work with perhaps some sporadic texting, talking and playing games time.


The camera is great and will allow users to snap photos that come out beautifully, even if the lighting isn’t all that great. How? Auto HDR. You won’t find a screen that is more vibrant than this one.

You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge if you want to get it before everyone else. The expected delivery date is early April if you order now. In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has some stellar features – it seems to be well-worth the price tag.