The Use of Sapphire Glass in Smartphones

More Screen Strength is Better!

How much do you know about manufactured sapphire glass? Did you know that this is actually the future of smartphones? Well, potentially. This is what is used in military vehicles. Its strength is indisputable. If used in smartphones and tablets, it would make them more resilient than ever before. Not that you are going to throw, run over or smash your smartphone – but if you do, the goal is that it would still be in great shape. It is recommended that anything that is costly is handled with care – but you know that if you use something every single day, it becomes subjected to sometimes uncontrollable elements, such as water, and it can also be dropped by accident. No one wants to lose their information or have to replace their expensive device. And with sapphire glass, you might not have to.

The Price is Right…Well, Not Just Yet

Sapphire glass does come at a higher price tag than Gorilla glass, but the cost is expected to eventually go down. This would make it a possibility at some point for those who own smartphones, tablets and phablets.

Tell me more about the glass.

It’s actually aluminum oxide and it offers up to 3 times more strength than regular Gorilla glass. It is something that you might soon be hearing much more about.

Look for more information on sapphire glass and smartphones/tablets. You will definitely be impressed with what you find.