How to Not Handle an iPad

When you buy a new smart device, such as a phone or an iPad, you hear plenty about how to handle it. You are told usually right off the bat by your carrier that it would be beneficial (and practically mandatory) to purchase some sort of protective cover. You’re told that this could be related to a person riding a bike with a helmet, and that this protective cover could essentially save your device if it is dropped or even thrown. You’re pushed to buy this coverage and that coverage, told to rest it on a flat surface, etc. What you aren’t told is what not to do. Sure, some things are a given, but why not make a comprehensive list detailing the things that one should never do when they own an iPad, whether they have the iPad with Retina Display or iPad Air? Have a look at this important compilation of thoughts:

1.)   Don’t rest a drink anywhere near your iPad. It’s easy to come home from work and kick back on the couch. Maybe you want to check your e-mails in comfort, so you grab some tea and plop down, iPad in your lap. You can probably see where this is going. Your phone rings so you go to grab it, knocking over your drink and spilling it all over your iPad. And now, you are stuck with liquid damage. Avoid this! Don’t drink while using your iPad.

2.)   Don’t add it to the pile if your hands are already full. Laziness is a severe problem that we all want to imagine doesn’t exist. Whether you want to write it off as fatigue, exhaustion or just plain sluggishness, you are urged to avoid carrying your iPad with a bunch of other items. Don’t grab your luggage, shopping bags and iPad all at the same time. Something can wait. You can and probably will drop it if you try to do too much at once.

3.)   Don’t throw the iPad. We all get mad at technology sometimes. If you’re at work, you might want to slam your laptop shut because it is running slow. If you’re on the phone with someone unreasonable, you might want to toss it into the street. Maybe your iPad is running a bit slow, or it’s just one of those days – don’t do it! Don’t throw it.

Avoid having to spend more money than you need to by learning how not to handle an iPad. You’ll be glad you did, and richer for it!