LG G3 – Better Security

It is important to implement important security features when you own a smartphone or tablet. If you don’t, anyone can ultimately gain access to it. Say you are at a restaurant and you leave your LG G3 behind. Or perhaps you leave it at a party. Maybe you even leave it at the food court while shopping in the mall. Anyone can pick it up, and you likely have visited important web sites or have apps on your phone connected to your bank account and other vital information that shouldn’t be seen by anyone else. You might even have your address stored in whatever GPS system you utilize, which would then give someone access to your personal address. It is always a good idea to just put a public location that is close to your house as your address in your smartphone, taking into consideration that someone else might be able to one day access it. But something important that users are able to take advantage of is knock code security, which allows you to enter a touch screen code to get into your LG G3. A person who does not know the code cannot get into it. There are more than 80,000 possible code combinations, making it virtually impossible for someone who doesn’t know you to get into your device.

Something else that is cool about the LG G3 is that it provides you with smart notice – reminding you to call back friends if you miss a call. This can be looked at as a security feature in a way, because if a family member calls you and wants a call back at a certain time, but you forget, this device will remind you to make the call. Not bad.

LG G3 has taken important steps towards better security, and you can benefit from these popular features. If you want to know more, ask your carrier about the LG G3 – you are sure to be amazed with the technological advancements that are available. A Google search will reveal a lot of cool information, too!