iPhone 6 Plus Specs – Ready to be Wowed?

The iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest smartphone to be released by Apple, with a 5.5 inch display and awesome features. Some might call it a phablet because its size makes it somewhat of a cross between a smartphone and, you guessed it, a tablet. Its retina HD display might be the first thing that people notice about it upon picking it up, but there is a lot to love. Have a look!

A8 Chip

This chip makes for faster processing, which makes for happy customers. It’s energy efficient, too.

M8 Motion Coprocessor

Anyone who is health-conscious and into fitness will appreciate this one. You are able to track distance and speed with ease. Forget having to pay for a “Fit Bit.” Just use your smartphone!

Touch ID

No longer do you have to enter a passcode to get into your device. You don’t have to panic that someone can guess your passcode if you lose your device, either. All you have to do is use your fingerprint to unlock it. You can add any of your trusted friends or family member’s fingerprints so that they can access it too, if ever necessary. Wow!

8 Megapixel Camera

You really can’t beat not having to own a camera anymore. Sure, the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a bit of a hefty price tag, but you don’t have to buy a GPS, and you don’t have to buy a camera. This one is absolutely great, providing “photog’s” with great quality images.

The iPhone 6 Plus gets two thumbs up right here. Be sure to check it out for its spectacular features.