How to Prolong Battery Life on an iPad

Anyone that has used their iPad much knows how quickly the battery seems to die. It never fails that the second you’re at the best part of the book, or are busying killing monsters in your favorite app that the battery dies. Rest assured there are several steps and actions you can take to help prolong your iPad’s battery life so that you can use your tablet longer.

One of the most helpful battery savers can be to turn off the Wi-Fi and cellular data settings when they’re not in use. As your iPad continues searching for networks it slowly drains the battery. This can be helpful for those that use their iPads for work and reading where you do not need to be connected to the internet constantly. One of the fastest ways to turn this off is to switch on airplane mode. This mode will automatically cancel and turn off all internet connectivity.

Another hidden feature that most don’t pay any attention to is the automatic data updates. These can include email notifications and RSS feeds from your favorite blogs or twitter. If you don’t need to know every time you receive an email it can be a better option to just check your email on your own or change the option to only update once an hour or less. The same can be helpful for push notifications from sites such as Facebook.

If you still find that you could use more battery life you can ton down the brightness of your screen. The brighter the screen is set the more battery power the device will use. In some cases the brightest setting can be hard on your eyes as well so you might find that you actually prefer the lower setting.

Some users like using location services but when they’re not in use it can be beneficial to turn them off. They can always be turned back on when you need to use a map to find a location. It is doubtful that you are constantly using this setting so turning it off will save a lot of battery life over time.

Like most electronics, the iPad is sensitive to extreme temperatures. It’s common for a lot of people to keep their iPad’s handy in their cars but this can be damaging to the battery life and the device itself. Try and keep the tablet out of the sun and cold and you’ll find that your battery life will improve immediately.